5 out of 5 Star Rated on Facebook Reviews

Brandon Burrell

October 5 at 10:24pm · I have traveled all over the world. Best band I have ever seen!!!!!

Sinead Corduff

October 5 at 10:10am · Best band in New Orleans! We've seen them 3 times in the last week. The whole band is amazing!

Jessie Lane

October 4 at 9:30pm · The most incredible band I’ve seen in my life. Sierra’s voice stopped me in my tracks as I was walking outside, tired and hungry, but it was so enticing. I stayed until they closed down the place, this may just change your life. She is like Janis Joplin and Tina turner mixed together and then some. Her band is phenomenal and put on a fantastic show. I’ve never seen such talent in my life! Must see.

Yolanda Hart Morris

September 24 at 7:06pm · The best band I have ever listened to!!! Thanks for a great night

Krista Garnes

September 17 at 5:21pm · Best show ever. Sierra's voice is haunting. Band is beyond talented. Luckily we walked into the right bar later night.

Jennifer Halze

September 14 at 11:23pm · Amazing band in New Orleans, definitely one of the best we've seen! Love their energy and that voice though....so dang good! Will definitely see them next time we are in town.

5 out of 5 Star Rated on Facebook Reviews

Darlene Johnson

May 25 · My FAVORITE Band in all of New Orleans!!! Everytime I go to Nola, I try to catch Sierra and the Band as many times as I can. I could watch and listen to them every nite! Sierra's voice is so powerful and so full of soul. Tajh and his fingers are mesmerizing. Look for them - you will not be disappointed. They work hard and give a fun, sexy show. I can't wait to see them again!

Tracy Flanigan

September 12 at 10:23am · By far the best find of this trip to New Orleans! This is a high energy band that gives you the funk! Definitely do not pass up the opportunity to see them!!

Mallory Walker

August 23 · Just happened to wander into a bar on Frenchmen Street and was blown away by these performers!!! A must see if you are ever in the New Orleans area!!!! Wish I could watch them every day! Sierra Green & The Soul Machine made our last night in New Orleans an unforgettable one!

Sharon Close

August 9 · Caught these guys tonight at BMC . Excellent musicians and performers.... best set we have seen in New Orleans. Try and hear them if you can. Mixture of covers and originals. Tight ensemble, epic solo instrumentals and female vocalist who knows how to sing brilliantly!!!

Rohit Kabra

September 10 at 9:44am · We caught them at the 21st ammendment last night. Best band of the night in NOLA (and we saw a dozen across the top clubs). The voice, the energy, the sax - we hope to catch a full set in the future

Steve Youmaynome

September 11 at 6:47pm · I saw many bands over the weekend and caught this brilliant act Saturday with a substitute bassist and didn't know until Sunday at the Applebarrel. I'm a bassist (for over 10 years) and completely blown away by this band. Can't wait to see them again at a sold out arena!!!